Friday, May 16, 2008

Bliss Contest Entries: May 15th & April 15th

MAY 15th: Bliss Monthly Contest Entries

These are all the entries we received for this months contest. Only 5 out of 10 surprise contest packages were submitted on the deadline (May 15th). Where are the rest of them? : ) We sell out of the Contest Surprise Contest Packages every month and remember we only sell 10 packages. But it seems that not all the packages sold are returned. Is this because the contest was too difficult? or the deadline is not sufficient? or too busy? or just didn't want to submit? Post a comment and tell me your thoughts; I would love to receive your feedback. Is there any ways we can improve our monthly contest to get more entries returned? Anyone that posts a comment will be entered into a draw for a PRIZE. I will post the winner on Tuesday, May 20th.

Did you know: The day you submit your contest entry you will receive 15% off your entire purchase.

Below, I have posted MAY 15th Entries in no particular order. Have a great long weekend everyone! - Theresa

WINNER of $25 Bliss Gift Certificate
Entry By: Anh L

Entry By: Bonnie L

Entry By: Robyn D.

Entry By: Dawn R.

Entry By: Patti F.

APRIL 15th: Bliss Monthly Contest Entires

WINNER of $25 Bliss Gift Certificate
Entry By: Darlene S.

Entry By: Lynda S.
Photo Taken Down for PUBLISHING

Entry By: Viviana P.

Entry By: Patti F.

Entry By: Kathleen S.

Entry By: Judy C.

Entry By: Joanne L.M.

Entry By: Bonnie L.

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

Hi Theresa,
Having purchased a couple of the contest packagess, I did feel a little out of my element trying to come up with an idea for a layout using the items supplied. I completed my layouts, but felt that they weren't good enough. I wasn't going to enter but thought why would I go to the effort to get the package in the first place? I'm glad I got the entry in. It was exciting to see my layout on the wall with the entries that people worked hard to complete and bring in. It was a good challenge for me to use specific products that I normally don't use and to complete it on time.

I'd love to enter more often, but all the packages are usually gone when I get there.

Thanks for posting the entries so we can see the great layouts.