Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bliss Monthly Contest June 15th Mini Album Results

This was our 1st Mini Album contest and it was very well received. We sold all 10 surprise packages and half were submitted. We were very impressed with all the submissions as they were all very unique and a lot of thought was put into creating these materpeices. It was a very hard decision to come up with just one winner as all entries had its' own personal strengths. Rose & I decided that since this was the 1st Mini Album Contest and it was such a difficult choice that ALL ENTIRES would win a goodie bag. (Please visit Bliss to pick up your goodie bags contestants).

We would still like to choose a winner and I would like to get your help. Please post your comments on who you think deserves to win the $25 gift certificate. Each post will entitle you a chance to win a prize just for posting your comments. Visit Bliss to view complete album entries. - Theresa : )

Entry by: Laura D.

Entry by: Lynda S.

Entry by: Dawn R.

Entry by: Nola S.

Entry by: Patti F.


Anonymous said...

Patty F gets my vote but I agree, it is really hard to choose they are all amazing.
I love the colors Patty chose and the unique spin on turning the album to make the houses in to arrows. I Never would have thought of that! It just opens up so many more themes to you.
Great work Ladies!!

barbp said...

Wow! They are all fabulous! Great job everyone!

If I have to choose one, then Dawn R is the one I'd choose. I love the simplicity of her design which is perfect for her theme. Her use of felt & stitching looks so nice too & everything co-ordinates nicely.

chickypoo said...

How creative to have a mini album contest! Wow - people have put alot of work into this...

If I had to choose one, then Linda S. is the one I'd choose. It fits the house theme and I love the key hole on the front cover...