Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Giveaway WINNER Results

We received over 40 comments and emails for our HALLOWEEN Giveaway! Thanks to you ALL for your yummy comments. It made us VERY hungry!
And without further ado; the WINNER of the Halloween package valued at $25 is . . .

Drum Roll please

CONGRATULATIONS TRACY you are the winner of this AWESOME Halloween prize. ENJOY!

1 comment:

schmidthouse said...

yep, its snickers, snickers and kraft caramels...yummm,car-a-mel-sss...just kidding...congrats Tracey...anyway, I'm not really into Halloween other than eating my sister's candy while she tries to hand it out to the neighbor kids...tee hee...and seeing all the little kids in their cute little costumes of course. Rose and Theresa, I just saw on the Fancy Pants blog a new line of paper coming out called Artic Chill (it didn't say when it was coming out ) but could you let me know when you receive it Please...pretty please with candy corn on top?!?!? thank you...I may just have to get you to hold a sheet of everything back for me until I make it in next. Thanx ladies...happy weekend!