Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from Vacation...

Amanda and I just returned from a 1 week Caribbean cruise. Just wanted to share some of the pictures.

Carnival Freedom this is my favorite picture out of 900 taken.

Why no one heard from us via email the whole week!

Our cabin on the 11th level, had wonderful floor to ceiling windows.

Amanda and I decided to do alittle redecorating....You have to admit its better to wake up to this view then the wall.

Key West

Cayman Islands


Dodiok and Anya, our dinning room waiters. For any of you who have ever gone on a cruise, you know how hard they work.

According to Carnival Amanda has been a past guest. So she was invited to a reception with free drinks as a thank you to loyal passengers. Well, how many Amanda Browns do you think are in the world. Maybe she was a past guest in a former life. But she did get a free drink....

Went to the Scrapbooking club. Does that mean this trip went from holiday to a business write off?

This is what we had to scrapbook with....

You got mail....The final bill.

At the end is was all about food. Here are some of the many many meals we enjoyed.

If you would like to see all of the pictures, I will post them on Scrapbooker's Bliss facebook.
Now that I'm back, baby#3 can come anytime. rose


Dayhomemama said...

Judging by the scrapbook supplies and tools, I'd say it's a write off! Great pictures! Cn't wait to see you scrap all 900 of them, ladies....

barbp said...

What wonderful pictures! You guys look like you had a fabulous time. I'm green with envy!!! Welcome back to the real world. :)

I also think a business write off is a definite possibility! Now whether or not Revenue Canada thinks the same way .... well, that's another story! :(