Saturday, September 18, 2010

BRAND NEW Core'Dinations In the Store NOW

BLACK MAGIC Collection
Don't be fooled by the black surface. With a little sanding, tearing or antiquing, you can uncover the vivid core colors hidden beneath the texture. Try it and you'll see why they included Magic in the name.

Mantra 12 x 12

Shazam 12 x 12
Protect 12 x 12

An exquisite collection of shimmer and glimer. Add the perfect amount of sparkle to any of your crafting projects. Glitter stays on the cardstock keeping your projects clean. Solid dyed cardstock. Perfect for cardmakers. No white core so you get a great fold.
This cardstock is not sandable due to the glitter finish.

Blue Diamonds 12 x 12

White Gloves 12 x 12
Stilletto 12 x 12

WHITEWASH Collection
A stunning collection of colors under a white wash finish. Bring out the beauty of this cardstock by sanding, tearing, and antiquing the white wash finish.

Flower Box 12 x 12
Barn Siding 12 x 12
Screen Door 12 x 12

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