Sunday, December 5, 2010

JULY Contest Winner - 12 x 12 Layout

Here are the entries for the JULY 2010 12 x 12 Layout Contest.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sara Hollohan for her great layout entitled "Let Your Phone Lead You". Sara has since told me a lot about Geocaching as I knew nothing about it. Sounds like something I could get hooked on!
Tracy from our store put these kits together and included a mini-coin. Let's find it in everyone's layout. Sara put hers by the treasure chest. Very clever.

Love the ribbon clouds.
And the compass brad!!

Christine Yang's "Whispers In Time" is very moving.
Christine flipped the cardstock over to the pink side and Glitter Mod Podged the heck out of it!
The old "hang the coin" from the branch trick.
Laura Hollohan's "Soldier's Barracks". I love the pictures of the "Past" and the "Present" of the same building. The Married Quarters at the end of the picture on the left has since burned down. Love the lace border and the black rub-on behind the flowers!
Not too hard finding the coin! Perfect on this embellishment.

Katie Hollohan's "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Wonderful glitter everywhere!! Looks like the girls don't want anything to do with that little fellow.
The coin threaded on the banner line blends in just right. Love it.
Ma-i Garcia's "So Cute". I know for a fact that is was the first time Ma-i machine sewed on a layout page. That coin is hanging from the "e".
Ma-i's Mom passed away quite awhile ago and Ma-i loves to show her Mom's handwriting on her pages.
Patti Fisher really wanted to do something different this time and not use personal photographs. We'll call this layout "Art".

Now where is that coin?

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