Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back @ Bliss from Beautiful British Columbia

Hi everyone, my family and I are back from vacation. We had a great time exploring Beautiful British Columbia and visiting with family & friends! We visited Vancouver & Area, Whistler, Victoria, Tofino, took a day trip north of Seattle for outlet shopping and Kelowna. Rob, Reese, Lucas and I spent most of our days exploring (doing the usual tourist things), EATING, going to parks & water parks (the boys LOVED them), going to the beach, playing in the sand, EATING (Reese found a new love for FishNChips), shopping and did I mention eating! I'll post some more photos soon. We only took about 3500 photos if not more! You gotta love digital!

Today I went into the store and wow there is a lot of great products that have come in since I was away! I tried to update the blog whenever I could when I was on holiday. Now that I'm back, I was able to add more of the products that just recently arrived in the last couple of weeks; so please look at the older posts to see updates. Keep visiting the blog regularly for all the last arrivals, products to come, specials, classes and learn what's new at Bliss. See you all soon - Theresa :)

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barbp said...

Hi Theresa & welcome back. Glad you had a great holiday! I was in the store on Monday & saw Rose but sorry I missed you.

Just want to say thanks to you both for my 7 packages of BasicGrey rub-ons. You guys are too generous!

I'm gone again for a few weeks but will stop in when I'm in the city!!