Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CRICUT Cartridges Now Available for RENT @ Bliss

CRICUT Rental Rates:
1 Day Rental $ 3.99/day per cartridge
2 Day Rental $ 5.99 (Only $2 more)
3 Day Rental $ 6.99
(Only $3 more)

Choose from 45 Cartridges to rent!
Click here to VIEW all the cartridges we have available for rent.
Not avalilable for rent are the following: Printing 101, 50 States, Speaking of Fall, My Community, My World, Speaking of School, Speaking of Winter, Learning Curve, Word Builders: A Word Party, Word Builders: A Garden of Words, Word Builders: An Ocean of Words, Cursive 101.

Also avaliable for rent are: George and Basic Shapes™ cartridge (included when you purchase the Cricut Machine) Plantin SchoolBook™ cartridge & Accent Essentials sampler cartridge from rob and bob studio™ (included when you purchase the Cricut Expression Machine)

You may rent up to 3 cartridges at a time for the rate of $3.99/day per cartridge or rental offer above. We must have a credit card on file for all cartridge rentals. Cartridges must be returned before close of business on the date due. A late fee of $3.99 will be charged per cartridge each day the cartridge is overdue. After 7 days past due the full cartridge price will be charged ($89.99 per CRICUT Cartridge, $54.99 per CRICUT Solutions cartridge). You are responsible for the ENTIRE cartridge set including the box/plastic, keyboard, instructions/pamphlet, and cartridge. If there are any damages to any of these items a damage fee will be charged to a maximum of the full cartridge price. ($89.99 per CRICUT Cartridge, $54.99 per CRICUT Solutions cartridge).

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